Realize: 27% of Instagram users share photos of food. And the proportion climbs to 69% among those under 35! With social networks, the adage ” we eat with our eyes took on a whole new meaning. And knowing – well – how to catch your dish has become an imperative. You have to be able to sublimate your meal, to better brag about it. ” A dish is now judged just by its aesthetic and sexy appearance “, said the journalist Luc Dubanchet, ex of the Gault et Millau guide and creator of the Omnivore festival. Nevertheless, the sharing of his “lifestyle”, his style of life, imposes the publication of his favorite dishes. Also, to best capture all the visual qualities of a dish, there are a few tips shared with us by Philippe Martineau, multi-award-winning “culinary” photographer, author of numerous advertisements and communications from chefs (Bollinger, Gagnaire, Sarran, etc.). ), and pictures for magazines (“M”, “3 Stars”…). All with just an iPhone.

“Don’t hesitate to move the plate”

We sit at the counter of the Parisian restaurant FIEF (for “Fait ici en France”), of chef Victor Mercier, who has just received a star. Philippe Martineau’s first tip seems innocuous: ” clean smartphone lens “. Indeed, from the pocket to the bag, the device drags everywhere, all the time, and the rendering of a photo can vary greatly because of a fingerprint on the device.

The sequel after the ad

Victor Mercier’s “mystery” dessert

Second advice: think about light “. ” To photograph is to write with lightinsists Martineau. It is therefore essential to place your plate in the best lit place. At lunchtime, it is therefore better to favor the table near the window, and in the evening, to identify where the light falls. This may seem trivial, but in practice, it changes everything. Instinctively, I tend to leave my plate in the center of my space, where it was placed by the waiter, while shifting it a few centimeters allows me to better appreciate the color contrast.

The staging also requires attention, especially around the dish. We move away the glass of water and the messy cutlery, we clean up the breadcrumbs for a sober approach around the plate, and the table becomes a kind of frame. It is also possible to play with the background, taking advantage of the contrast between a very sharp and lively foreground, and a more blurred background – when the iPhone gets closer to an object, it automatically switches to “macro” mode. and will blur the background, for a nice rendering. Philippe Martineau:

The very wide angle of the iPhone makes it possible to create incredible perspectives, with very present foregrounds and very distant backgrounds. And, in macro mode, pay attention to the shadow you risk casting on the subject – do not hesitate to move the plate for a more grazing light, which comes from the side –, and be vigilant with your focus – to correct it, just touch the screen on the point of focus. »

Perspective game with chef Victor Mercier seen through a slice of lemon
Perspective game with chef Victor Mercier seen through a slice of lemon

Better than a camera or a video camera: we tested the iPhone 13

“Try to knock over your iPhone”

In this quest for the right angle, our photographer invites us to ” test amazing angles », and do not limit yourself to only views from above (preferable in low light) and three-quarter views (which adapt to many situations). ” For example, if the plate is flat, try tilting your iPhone to point the optics downasks Martineau. Thus positioned, you will be able to capture striking images, taken flush with the table. Very simple but clever.

Caviar and beets, at the Fief restaurant
Caviar and beets, at the Fief restaurant

Of course, these tips also apply to video. The pouring of a sauce, the steam of a dish or the bubbles of Champagne can be captured in a striking way thanks to the “slow motion” mode. For example, I take advantage of the wide-angle to get as close as possible to a flute when the Champagne is flowing, in order to capture a whirlwind of bubbles.

The sequel after the ad

There are endless possibilities to express your creativity with this function, try itinvites Philippe Martineau. Just a reminder: slow motion is only effective if your subject is moving.. »

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All these tricks are ultimately a work on his “eye” as a photographer, more than technical notions. Indeed, no need to get lost in complex settings. Experts opt for the “Raw” mode, allowing ultra-high quality and perfected retouching afterwards in Photoshop, but if the objective is simply to share on Instagram, then it is entirely possible to do without it. The same also goes for 4K videos.

The restaurant of the week: “En Bas” flies very high

On the adjustment side, the iPhone’s integrated tool (via the “modify” tab) already allows you to perfectly adjust the frame, but also the colors with the different scales (the wheel logo) or by applying automatic filters ( the logo of three superimposed circles). ” Above all, don’t be shy to try different angles, different settings, and start over as many times as necessaryinvites Philippe Martineau. But don’t forget to eat. »

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