UzbekistanThirteen Thai players suffered from diarrhea after being present at Namangan to prepare for the AFC Cup 2023 qualifying round.

The information was confirmed by left-back Theerathorn Bunmathan at a press conference in Namangan this afternoon, June 7. “Overall, Thailand is well prepared for the upcoming series. But there was a bit of a problem because we are not used to the food in Uzbekistan. Currently, 13 players are suffering from diarrhea before the Maldives match,” said Theerathorn. speak.

Thailand is present in Namangan from June 4, to prepare for the Group C series of matches in the third stage of the Asian Cup 2023 Asian Cup qualifiers. They will respectively play the Maldives tomorrow June 8, then Sri Lanka on June 11 before taking turns. host team Uzbekistan.

Theerathon and his teammates on the training ground with the Thai team on June 6. Image: FAT

The Football Association of Thailand (FAT) has petitioned the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) to request a substitution in case some players have diarrhea and do not recover in time. But in the meantime, the army under coach Mano Polking still has enough people to fight the Maldives.

“We will use the substitutes tomorrow. We will try our best, and I believe it will be a good game, because the opponent is also preparing. Thailand will do everything possible. able to qualify for the 2023 Asian Cup finals,” added Theerathorn.

According to the format in the third stage of the 2023 Asian Cup qualifiers, 28 teams are divided into six round-robin groups, with six direct entries for the six top teams. Of the six group runners-up, the top five teams will win tickets. Vietnam did not have to participate in this qualifying stage thanks to passing the second stage of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers – which was used as a qualifying round for the 2023 Asian Cup.

Coach Polking is also confident despite the limited force because of the current medical problem. “Our goal is to win the first two matches before meeting the host Uzbekistan in the last round,” said the German military leader. According to Polking, just winning the first two matches, Thailand will almost certainly win the ticket.

A few days ago, U23 Vietnam also had a similar problem related to food in Uzbekistan, making a series of pillars like Nguyen Thanh Binh or Ly Cong Hoang Anh … unable to participate in the opening match of the U23 tournament. Asia with Thailand.

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