The ATP Professional Tennis Association will only allow players to enter the bathroom once per game, up to three minutes, from the 2022 season.

It took Tsitsipas dozens of minutes to get to the bathroom at this year’s US Open. Photo: US Open

This rule was tested at the NexGen ATP Finals in Milan two weeks ago and will officially apply from the beginning of the 2022 season. Players are only allowed to go to the bathroom at the end of the set. A countdown timer is applied as soon as they enter the bathroom. Players have an extra two minutes if forced to change clothes.

If you stay in the bathroom for more than the allowed time, the players will be punished. They are also only called for medical attention at the end of the set for a maximum of three minutes. If it is not possible to wait until that time, the players must accept the deduction of points.

Bathroom time has been a hot topic of ATP this season, after Stefanos Tsitsipas frequently “disappeared” against Andy Murray at the US Open. The Greek player went to the bathroom at the end of the second set, called for medical attention after the third set and went to the bathroom for eight minutes in the fourth set. Murray lost the fifth set and said that the juniors deliberately lost his rhythm. Tsitsipas was also previously accused by Alexander Zverev of bringing a mobile phone to the bathroom to exchange tactics with his father, who is also the coach of the Greek tennis player.

After being criticized, Tsitsipas said that he did not violate any regulations of the organizers. In the past, players were allowed to go to the bathroom in the middle of a match and if it took too long, they were only warned by the referee. The new rules of ATP will limit the situation of players “buying time” when they are in trouble and want to reduce the excitement of the opponent.

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