The Tuning Trophy Germany from DMAX and AUTO BILD will start soon, you can continue to do so apply for participation! Sidney Hoffman gets a co-juror for the Tuning Trophy Germany! Racing driver Maximilian Götz will be at Sidney’s side for the entire season.

The 35-year-old has been active in racing since 1996 and can look back on a successful career. In addition to the championship in Formula BMW (2003) and the ADAC GT Masters (2012), his greatest successes in motorsport include winning the 24-hour race at Spa-Francorchamps (2013), the 1000 km race at the Nürburgring (2013) and many more.

In the current season, Maximilian is competing for the Mercedes-AMG main racing team in the DTM and is taking part in the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring with the GetSpeed ​​team.

In an interview, he reveals what you have to prepare for with jury member Maximilian Götz.


BILD: What do you associate with the subject of “tuning”?

Maximilian Götz: “My first car when I was 18 was a VW Lupo. The first thing I did was to cover the dashboard with Alcantara and put in a larger screen. Then there were other rims on it. Given my karting background, it was only natural to optimize my car. I now have a lift at home and a few classics like the VW T1 Bulli and the Beetle. I work on those with my two brothers on the weekends off and there is always something to do with air-cooled people. The cars get really pounded, after that you just have to look after them again. “

Speaking of which, how hard will you test the participants’ vehicles on the racetrack?

Götz: “… until the turbocharger explodes! No, seriously, I don’t need to drive at the limit to assess a car. Often, when you first shift gears, turn in and accelerate, you can tell whether the vehicle has potential. I will also focus more on that Pay attention to driving characteristics. How does the vehicle brake, what is the turn-in point, how do the dampers and springs respond? But when a car with 1000 hp takes part, then I want to feel it too and see whether the performance is actually right. “

The racing professional’s first car was a VW Lupo

Photo: Tim Upietz, Group C AUTO BILD

Okay, then we clearly hear the desire for a participant vehicle with at least 1000 hp?

Götz: “A participant with 1000 hp would be great. It doesn’t have to be a tuned Nissan GT-R. When someone has his in his garage Golf-Motor has opened and gets a lot of power out of it, then I would be happy. “

So not only expensive professional builds are welcome at the Tuning Trophy Germany?

Götz: “Nobody should be afraid to apply with their converted Polo. It just depends on the whole tuning package. That has to be consistent and authentic. I’m interested in the stories behind why someone put so much time, love and work into the vehicle. That’s what tuning is all about. “

Teaser picture

Maximilian Götz promises to handle the participants’ tuning cars with care

Photo: Tim Upietz, Group C AUTO BILD

Understood, tuning is an affair of the heart. But is there also something that doesn’t work, so-called tuning sins?

Götz: “The car just has to be drivable. If the fall is too extreme or the vehicle is just hanging just above the asphalt, it becomes very difficult. Ultimately, the overall concept should also be right here and the car should not be carelessly painted with paint from the spray can. “

You are Sidney’s co-juror for the entire season of the Tuning Trophy Germany, what will you definitely do differently than him?

Götz: “For me, the motorsport background will certainly be more in focus. So I will pay close attention to the dynamics, just take more of the racing driver’s perspective. Sidney is certainly more up to date with tuning, because he knows better about the trends. “

Do you want to take part in the Tuning Trophy Germany from DMAX and AUTO BILD? Then apply now here!


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