Email scams have become commonplace, and when crooks tamper with official government websites to steal money, it is no longer a surprise. Here is the most recent: the UFC Que Choose reports emails impersonating the official website The messages aim to bait their victims by announcing that a refund from the taxes awaits them. We must therefore pay extra attention to this type of message, because it can be a trap.

Always read emails that promise you refunds twice

By promising this famous refund, the criminals are trying to push the victim to fill out a form, which will allow them to steal their personal data and bank details. Fortunately, with careful attention to the details, identity theft can be detected. Even if the message is a carbon copy of an official email, the address from which the email is sent does not match the domain name of a public body. If it’s something like “[email protected]”, run away, don’t click on any link, it’s a “phishing” attempt! Grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, and broken links should also call for the greatest distrust.

Do you feel targeted? Do not go further !

If you have any doubts, remember that taxes will not refund through online forms. Do not hesitate to contact the official body to verify if the information received is valid. Finally, if it is the site, pay extra attention, because other scams are added to that of false reimbursement: the scam with the surcharged number, false transfer orders or even e- fraudulent emails.

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