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Your brand new camper could catch fire

The company AL-KO Vehicle Technology has to recall a large number of motorhomes due to a problem with a charging system – there is a risk of fire.

Campers equipped with the AL-KO CSB2 and CSB2-LT chargers after June 1, 2021 may overheat and cause a fire. The company did not say whether there have been any accidents so far.

The chargers allow the starter battery to be charged while the motorhome’s on-board battery is connected to the 230-volt shore power, for example at the campsite. The devices produced after June 1, 2021 prove to be insufficiently resistant to voltage spikes in the 12-volt circuit of the vehicle. If the vehicle part overheats, it can, in the worst case, cause a fire.

The company has asked dealers to stop selling the system or installing it in motorhomes. RV owners are encouraged to turn off the devices and contact the dealer.

How to find out whether the affected devices were also installed in your camper and what you have to do first is something you can do here read.

Unfortunately, BILD has not yet been able to contact the manufacturer AL-KO, so it is not possible to estimate which campers and mobile homes the device was installed in.


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