Summer is within your grasp – and the campsites promptly open carefully again!

Did we get through the worst? At least for this summer it looks like this: In many places in Germany tourism will be possible again in the next few weeks.

Campsites and hotels are also open in other European countries. Here, however, entry is sometimes still complicated.

BILD shows where and when you can pitch your tent again or enjoy the time with the motorhome!

Expert advises: Book now!

When should you book? The industry learned from last summer: Back then, campsites were fully booked within a short period of time, and spontaneous overnight guests stayed outside.

This provides a good overview of the German campsites Pincamp portal – with 1542, almost half of all systems in Germany can be viewed and booked ad hoc – usually higher-quality places. Pincamp has more than 10,000 systems across Europe.

Uwe Frers from the ADAC booking platform: “My urgent request to all campers: Before you start your camping holiday, secure your pitch in advance!” Those who arrive without a reservation or booking will no longer find a place.

ADAC: Arrive during the day

Anyone who has to travel a long way to the campsite of their choice is currently facing a problem: In many districts there is still a night curfew! For campers, this means that spending the night on the side of the road is forbidden.

Overnight stays in public parking lots are not a problem for drivers of cars, mobile homes and caravans, because the StVO expressly allows the “restoration of driving ability” for up to ten hours.

An ADAC lawyer recommends: “Travelers should avoid a deliberate overnight stay and plan their trip so that it does not fall within the period of the night curfew.”

Whether overnight stays in the vehicle are allowed in the area of ​​application of the nocturnal curfew has not yet been decided by the court. There is a threat of a fine for violating the night curfew.

You can camp here again:

These rules apply in the federal states:

Baden-Wuerttemberg: Tourism and gastronomy are to open on May 15, 2021, provided that the incidence falls below 100. Condition: guests have to prove vaccination or negative corona test. There should also be test opportunities on site.

Bavaria: As of May 21, all counties with a seven-day incidence are allowed to host under 100 tourists. In addition to campsites, this also applies to hotels, holiday homes and holiday apartments. Openings with hygiene concepts and daily tests should pave the way back to tourism.

Brandenburg: From May 22nd tourist overnight stays on campsites with an incidence value of less than 100 are allowed. Condition: Visitors must be self-sufficient, i.e. have their own sanitary facilities in the camper, and have a corona test beforehand.

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: From June 7th, 2021, locals will be able to stay overnight for tourists. A week later, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania will also open to the rest of Germany: it will start on June 14th. Bookings are now possible.

Lower Saxony: There has been a relaxation in tourism since May 10, 2021. Campsites are allowed to open if the guests can show a negative corona test in advance. A daily controlled test must then be completed on site. For the time being, this offer only applies to people from Lower Saxony. Whether and when guests from other federal states may come is currently still being checked.

Rhineland-Palatinate: Overnight stays in mobile homes and caravans with their own sanitary facilities have been permitted since May 12th – including the rental of holiday apartments. Prerequisite: the incidence value remains stable below 100.

Saxony-Anhalt: All districts and urban districts with an incidence of less than 100 are allowed to allow tourist stays. Campsites are probably one of them, but there has not yet been any explicit mention.

Saxony: If the incidence value in a region is below 100 for five days, campsites and holiday homes are allowed to receive tourist guests. Hotels and guesthouses with a seven-day incidence below 50.

Thuringia: Campsites, holiday homes and holiday apartments are allowed to receive guests again if the incidence is below 100. The regulation comes into force immediately.

There are currently no concrete opening plans for other federal states.

It also starts abroad!

Map: Situation of European campsites - infographic

The problem: entering the holiday country

Behind the borders, it also looks mostly good for campers – however, tourists from abroad are not yet allowed to enter all countries.

► Tourism for foreigners is possible in: Albania, Belgium, France, Greece (from May 14th), Italy, Netherlands, Austria (from May 19th), Poland, Switzerland, the Czech Republic.

► Restricted entry is possible in Denmark (only for vaccinated persons), Croatia (registration with negative PCR test), Sweden (test), Slovenia (test), Spain (test).

► Entry currently not possible in: Norway, Portugal (until May 15).

And when traveling home to Germany, a quarantine obligation can also be imposed for risky vacation areas.

Current You can find Covid risk areas here.


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