“Clubhouse”. The name of this new app has been on everyone’s lips in recent weeks. This network, focused on audio, where we join “rooms” to discuss a theme, is presented as the next social media star by Bloomberg. If you are one of those internet users who have closed their Facebook account or moved away from Twitter, because there is too much hatred, too much aggression, too many trolls, [Clubhouse] is for you!, also boasts in our columns Pierre Haski, who sees the antithesis of Twitter. Not me.

A fake VIP club

It’s time to put off all this craze. Many media have widely relayed Clubhouse’s marketing argument, to be able to converse with celebrities within a “Select club”, citing American host Oprah Winfrey, rapper Drake or Tesla boss Elon Musk, and our frenchies, comedian Jamel Debbouze and Minister Delegate for Foreign Trade Franck Riester. First disappointment when arriving on the network: the “stars” are as rare as the restaurants open at the moment. Much more than on all the social networks installed (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter …), where they have already taken the habit of sharing (part of) their life in stories.

Worse: everything is only direct. On Clubhouse, either we fall exactly at the right time to follow a discussion, or … too bad. The developers bet on the Fomo (“Fear of missing out”, the fear of missing something

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