More than half of French people have violated the confinement rules at least once, using the travel certificate for purposes other than those indicated or by receiving family or friends, according to a survey published on Thursday.

Since October 30, announcement of the second confinement put in place to fight the coronavirus epidemic, 60% of those questioned have violated the confinement at least once, according to this survey carried out by Ifop for Consolab. That is 27 points more than the first six weeks of the first confinement.

The French mainly used travel certificates for reasons other than those indicated (24%), walked beyond the authorized limit of one hour (17%), but also saw members of their family at home. one or the other (23%, 8 points more than in the spring), or friends (20%).

And 9% of those questioned broke the rules to find a partner – or potential partner – sexual, or 3 points more than during the first confinement.

For François Kraus, director of the political and current affairs pole of Ifop, it is clear that “respect is less strict, fears for health less strong, especially among young people”.

There is, he told AFP, a real difference between young and old. “This + feeling of invulnerability + among some young people, especially those who live alone, means that they will take advantage of the general relaxation of the rules to continue a kind of sociability”.

In addition, this reconfinement hits the morale of the French more strongly: if, in November 2019, they were 16% to declare to have “bad morale”, they are today 28%. During the first confinement, they were 20%.

Sleep is also a victim of this return to confinement: 38% of those questioned report having sleep disorders – a figure that rises to 44% in women.

This psychological dimension is explained, notes Mr. Kraus, by the uncertainty that reigns over the duration of this reconfinement, “because we understand that this could perhaps alter the holidays and reunions of the end of the year”. But also by the period, conducive to seasonal depressions.

In total, 52% of respondents feel, since the announcement of the reconfinement, a stronger feeling of sadness.

* Survey conducted online with a representative sample of 2,030 French people aged 18 and over (including a sub-sample of 1,094 employees).

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