The University of Lorraine has embarked on a massive screening operation. Throughout the Grand-Est, 210,000 students were invited to be tested quickly. It starts with a nasopharyngeal swab. But unlike PCR tests, the result falls within a quarter of an hour. “It was quick“, confirms a student in the 20 Hours edition of Monday, October 19.”It was especially to be sure to be able to rub shoulders with my family, my grandparents“, explains one of his comrades.

Soon, rapid tests will be possible as part of individual screenings. Symptomatic people will be able to claim it on four conditions. Their symptoms should be less than four days old. The waiting time to obtain a PCR test should be more than 48 hours. They must be under 65 and not have a risk profile, in other words likely to contract a serious form of Covid-19. Rapid tests will be available at pharmacies and general practitioners. As soon as the tariff negotiations have been concluded with Medicare, they will be reimbursed by Social Security.

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