Since the first wave of the thanatophobic tsunami which never ceases to submerge our lives, here is a new wave which has now been sweeping since the release of the film Hold-Up: that of the plots of phobes who have been unleashed in packs since the release of the documentary on the 11th / 11 to 11 a.m.

In France as in Belgium, the propaganda channels are bringing out their arsenals and their countermeasures with re-information and “debunkings”. Each one goes there with his sharp pen, infantilizing style and proverbial scholar in Belgium with his copyists promoted to the rank of covid-commissioners always fond of stupid metaphors with two balls promulgating their advice to the poor lost souls with instructions for use and notices ” anti conspiratorial box “ready to be used with the family around the virtual tree, in the wake of the letter sent by two ministers (Health and Interior) to Saint-Nicolas, without forgetting the already very famous virologist Van Laethem who gave us a mind-blowing viral sketch that the Strangers would not deny.

In France, the style has always more panache and France Culture gratified us with two minutes of interview in which the academic Tristan Mendès France tries to discredit the film with blows of accusations strewn with the word “conspirator”, like so many beads strung to form a rosary as an antidote.

Vade retro satanas, the cohorts of sanitary warrior priests are unleashed in an anti-conspiracy crusade, driving out of the land disbelievers and apostates who stubbornly refuse to fall into line, who resist with all their reason and all their faculties of judgment, refuse to abdicate their critical sense, their common sense and their intelligence, and reject obstinately the abjuration which is demanded of them before the excommunication and the definitive social and professional death.

It really feels like being between Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings, wondering if Senator Palpatine and the Jedi Skywalker will soon cross paths with Gandalf and Gollum coming out of digital film in a fight between Good and Evil where the light face the darkness.


They have only had that in their mouths since the release of the film, they, the bearers of the truth of the narrative, the watchdogs of the official Covid narrative, and They are afraid, and their fear pushes them to come out of the woods until they lose their cool for some, such as Ms. Ilana Cicurel, MEP and spokesperson for LaREM who decompensated yesterday in hysterical mode on the set of CNews face to the journalist Sonia Mabrouk who firmly reframed it.

But what exactly are they afraid of and why so many skin reactions, exacerbated, yes why so much hatred even, as if there was really fire in the lake, or danger in the dwelling?

What then is this fear made of and what do the enraged crusaders of the Covid faith who are so keen to defend their indisputable dogma, not enduring any contradiction or questioning, tell us?

This is where it is useful to summon the unconscious, because whatever one may think of it, we are still all and always governed by this submerged continent described by Father Freud a century ago.

What is striking, these last 24 hours, is the conflagration of the reactions of the conspirators and their sometimes violent determination against the protagonists of the film.

We really have the feeling that this documentary reached them in the “right” place, at the very place of their neurotic conflicts, at the center of their strategic HQ, at the heart of the nuclear reactor of their contradictory unconscious, shameful, unspeakable, repressed emotions.

As if their speech and their convictions had been hit hard by a dangerous conceptual missile, this other narrative of the Covid which would have reached its target, sunk, as if their software had been infected by a dangerous virus endangering the official conceptual edifice, pulverizing their beliefs by generating a feeling of insecurity going even to panic and the anxiety attack.

As if this “Hold-Up” had woken up sleepers and put them to sleep, acting as a catalyst or a revealer, like a nightmare that wakes the sleeper to prevent him from continuing his disturbing dream too intense, as if what is exposed in the film could suddenly be plausible, conceivable, something unacceptable and unbearable for a formatted and docile conscience.

Because if this version, which is only a working hypothesis in the film since it is proposed as such in order to make people think differently, if this alternative narrative holds up for only one second, then it becomes credible. But it scares and it scares so much that it provokes in many people a violent rejection which is in fact nothing more than a defense mechanism of the ego in the form of denial of reality, the famous “I don’t want to know anything about it”, too dangerous to consider.

Because finally, let’s stay logical and serious for a moment: if this film is just a bunch of conspiratorial delusions of conspiracy by non-credible people making ridiculous and untruthful remarks that are not sourced, then where is the concern? It would have been enough to let the sheep piss and ignore it.

In reality, looking at it closely, there is an “inversely” proportional relationship between the two narratives, the more the official is contested in a supported, logical and efficient manner, the more the reactions are “virulent” and viral, normal in the Covidian regime, and more the “conspirators” seem to be heard and followed, sowing fear and panic among the members and ayatollahs of the Covidian regime who feel threatened in their certainties and who are only waiting for the vaccine, being convinced of being able to live again as “before “, which is only a lie and an illusion for any person a little intelligent and informed because there will NEVER be any turning back to a “normal as we have known” life., it is a proven and verifiable fact, we have changed social and political norms for an indefinite long period of time.

When you think that this official press fabricates and propagates fear and anguish every day by rewriting the course of this epidemic, by skewing the biostatistical data to consolidate their frightening narrative in a servile manner, one is entitled to ask them who is really scary and who is really dangerous, them or the “conspirators”? Who hurts whom?

Who wants to be a conspirator.

Thus, in a subtle return of the boomerang, the conspirators who produce so much daily effort to build and fuel the official apocalyptic covid narrative and who are the allies of this iniquitous authoritarian biopolitical-techno-sanitary regime, reap what they have. sown and receive in the face what they have been sending for more than six months.

Who sows the wind reaps the whirlwind. The wind has picked up and the storm is only just beginning, raising swells and waves of reason over the ocean of the Covid- (19 (84).

Be careful, it will rock.

Michel Rosenzweig

Philosopher and psychoanalyst.

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