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Since November, the fifth wave of Covid-19 has highlighted that young children and babies can be affected by the virus. More than 70 babies are currently in intensive care.

Rim came into the world at the beginning of January. Only a few days after her birth, she had a slight fever and difficulty eating. Her parents became concerned and took her to the emergency room, where the baby tested positive for Covid-19. Fed by gastric tube for a few days, the little girl is doing well and will soon be able to go home. Most often, babies with Covid-19 have impressive symptoms, but they don’t last. “They heat up very quickly, they are very tired and do not eat”, summarizes the childcare worker Jean-Cédric Probin.

In the pediatric department of a hospital in Seine-Saint-Denis, nine children are currently hospitalized and positive for Covid-19. The establishment even had to treat children with forms of complication for the first time. The fifth wave and the highly contagious Omicron variant particularly affects children under 10 years old. Sometimes Covid-19 destabilizes the body, to the point of revealing other diseases. In general, stays in the pediatric service are short, two to three days for most children affected by this virus, which spares no one.

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