It is necessary that “these recruitments on additional lists can also concern the second degree”, warns Gilles Langlois, national secretary SE-Unsa, in charge in particular of questions related to the rights to the regulations and the means, guest of franceinfo Friday January 14. At least 8,000 additional reinforcements will be mobilized in National Education very soon to manage the health crisis, said the Minister of National Education. “It’s a good thing to call on them”, explains Gilles Langlois, but “Jean-Michel Blanquer only announced them in the first degree, we need them excessively” in the second degree.

franceinfo: The use of additional lists, that is to say people who have passed the competitions and who can be mobilized in the primary, is it going in the right direction?

Gilles Langlois: This is a request that we get very regularly. The complementary lists are people who are prepared for the competition and who want to become teachers. In Île-de-France, they are already exhausted because the competition had not filled up. But elsewhere in the territory, there are indeed opportunities to recruit. These are people who are operational very quickly. It’s a good thing to call on them, especially since then they will be able to project themselves. By being recruited from the complementary list, it means that next year, they will be trainees and then they will become part of the profession for the long term. However, we need to attract in our profession. It’s good news. On the other hand, Jean-Michel Blanquer only announced them in the first degree. There are also complementary lists in the second degree. There are recruitment needs among secondary school teachers, but I’m also thinking among CPEs or National Education psychologists. We know that we need it excessively, so we hope that these recruitments on the additional list can also concern second degree.

Are these 3,300 contract teachers soon to be recruited good news?

It is good news to have the political will to recruit. We will have to find the personnel who agree to work. It will definitely be more difficult.

“There are places where it is more complicated to recruit contract workers, especially in Île-de-France, where the standard of living is extremely expensive, and a contract worker will be on a net salary basis of 1,390 euros. The good news is that unlike last year, there will be no micro-contracts.”

Gilles Langlois, national secretary SE-Unsa

at franceinfo

Last year, we also had recruitment of contract workers who had stopped in February and who had been more or less renewed. There, he announces the end of the school year. If we want to attract candidates, they have to be recruited by August 31. If you recruit staff until July 7, they know that they will not be able to get paid for two months, and you inevitably attract fewer people.

There will also be 1,500 more supervisors in colleges and high schools, 1,500 administrative staff and 1,700 additional mediators. Was it necessary?

This is very good news, because we know very well that secondary schools are in very high tension in school life. Of the 1,500 temporary workers in support of the education inspectors, where it will be more complicated is for them to be able to effectively support the school principals. Because being located in the constituency, it is then extremely complicated to provide day-to-day support with the school principals, who are under extreme tension. And then for the mediators, it is indeed an essential need. Again, it will be necessary to see if the recruitments materialize.

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