The fight against the global Covid-19 epidemic is being organized around the world. In Africa, several countries want to speed up their vaccination campaign against the virus. Doses of the vaccine are often delivered by China to many countries such as Morocco, Senegal or even Egypt. In return for the vaccines sold, China hopes to strengthen its economic presence in these countries.

Through vaccine deliveries, China is also changing its image with the rest of the world. “The argument for China is simple. It is to say: the Europeans and the Americans made expensive vaccines for the rich countries. China, it, has cheaper vaccines and especially available for the whole of the international community”, analyzes Antoine Bondaz, researcher specializing in China at the Foundation for Strategic Research. Faced with this strategy, the member countries of the G7 want to react. Emmanuel Macron has proposed sending 13 million doses of the vaccine to prioritize the vaccination of part of the nursing staff in Africa.

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