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In New Caledonia, the epidemic peak has not yet been reached, but the island is facing an increase in Covid-19 contamination.

Paita, in New Caledonia, is a town of 24,000 inhabitants hit hard by the Covid-19. At the screening center, two patients are in critical condition. They are urgently evacuated to the hospital. “These are patients who present with comorbidities, which warranted that they be vaccinated as soon as possible.“Deplores Joël Kamblock, cardiologist. The situation is deteriorating across the island. 72 deaths recorded and more than 6,000 contaminations are on the verge of saturating hospitals.

To relieve them, a hotel was requisitioned. About fifty patients reside there. Goal : “avoid as much as possible the stressors, anxiety, that the disease has engendered (…) they are called by their first names“Says a manager gently. And to stem the epidemic, vaccination is in full swing. Centers are even being set up at the foot of buildings, as close as possible to the inhabitants. But only half of the population has received a dose of the vaccine.


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