Tesla surprise just before Christmas: Elon Musk’s (50) company launched a quad for the first time on Thursday.

The four-wheeled electric vehicle is suitable for children aged eight and over, according to Tesla. The design and the official name “Cyberquad” clearly come from the cybertruck that the car company introduced two years ago, but has not yet put on the road.

The other details about the new Cyberquad: The car with steel housing brings up to 16 km / h on the slopes (lock at 8 km / h possible), the battery lasts for up to 24 kilometers.

According to the product photo in the online shop, this is what the Cyberquad should look like in its entirety

Photo: PR / Tesla

There is no upper age limit – however, the user must not weigh more than 68 kilograms.

However, there is a catch: you have to pay the equivalent of 1675 euros for the quad. In addition, so far you can only buy it in the USA. For comparison: Cheaper electric quads are available in toy stores for as little as 200 euros.

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For the first time Elon Musk had presented the Cyberquad together with the Cybertruck. However, at that time an adult had ridden a quad on the stage. The fact that a version only for children has now been released comes as a surprise.

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Almost two months ago, Elon Musk had spoken at a shareholders’ meeting that Tesla wanted to build the “least dangerous” quad on the market. This should be achieved by placing a battery pack particularly deep in the vehicle.

Musk said according to the portal at the time Electrek: “I think we can do some things with the suspension to make it really hard to get this thing to flip over. Bad things happen when an ATV overturns. “

The Tesla boss even promised: “It will be the ATV that won’t overturn.”

Whether this security could already be achieved with the new children’s cyberquad – unclear!


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