Against the horror, the mobilization: tens of thousands of people gathered on Sunday all over France in tribute to the beheaded professor on Friday, an Islamist attack which led the executive to decide on quick “concrete” actions against the propaganda in line and for the safety of schools.

Emmanuel Macron hammered it during a Defense Council: “Fear will change sides” and “Islamists must not be able to sleep peacefully in our country”, reported the presidency, confirming information from BFMTV.

At the end of the 2:30 am meeting in the evening with Jean Castex, five ministers as well as the anti-terrorist prosecutor, Jean-François Ricard, the Elysée announced an “action plan” this week against “the structures , associations or people close to radicalized circles “, which propagate calls to hatred and violence that can encourage attacks.

Some associations will be subject to “appropriate measures” after checks, pending the bill against radical Islam which should extend the grounds for dissolution. This bill could be “enriched”.

And “proceedings” will be carried out on Monday against the authors of 80 messages of support for the aggressor of Samuel Paty, added the presidency.

While the educational community is greatly shaken, it has also been noted that the security of schools would be reinforced at the start of the school year after All Saints’ Day.

National emotion is strong after this assassination in the Yvelines of a professor who had shown his students caricatures of Mohammed.

– The Marseillaise –

Theater of the historic demonstration which had followed the attacks against Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Cacher on January 11, 2015, the Place de la République in Paris was filled at the beginning of the afternoon with thousands of demonstrators, teachers, elected officials and anonymous people who came to defend freedom of expression, say no to “obscurantism” and sing the Marseillaise.

“I’m here as a teacher, as a mother, as a Frenchwoman and as a republican,” said Virginie, 52, a music teacher from the Paris region.

Samuel Paty was beheaded on Friday around 5:00 p.m. near the college where he was teaching history and geography in a quiet area of ​​Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. His assailant, an 18-year-old Chechen Russian, was then killed nine times by police.

On Twitter, he explained his gesture by saying he wanted revenge on the one “who dared to belittle Muhammad”.

“I came (…) to be outraged against this odious and dreadful act,” said another Parisian demonstrator, Guigané, 34. “This violence must not set in and become our daily life,” added this socio-cultural mediator from Essonne, her 4-year-old son on the shoulders.

– “I’m a teacher” –

“We are not afraid. You will not divide us,” Prime Minister Jean Castex, present in the Parisian procession, launched on Twitter. At his side, his Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer and his colleague delegate for Citizenship Marlène Schiappa “in support of teachers, secularism, freedom of expression and against Islamism”.

The bosses of La République en Marche, Stanislas Guerini, La France insoumise, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure, and Europe-Ecologie-Les Verts, Julien Bayou, were also present.

Other gatherings were held across the country. Everywhere, long applause, Marseillaise, flowers and candles. In Lyon, Place Bellecour was black with 12,000 people, according to the prefecture. They were more than 3,000 in Strasbourg, 1,500 in Lille, 2,500 in Marseille and 2,000 in Montpellier.

In Lyon, many of them wore a sticker “I am a teacher” on the back of their jacket or a rose in their hand.

“I am angry with the institution, which does not protect us enough”, exclaimed in Lille Lise, professor of French.

“The Nation must unite against this barbarism,” said Nicolas Voisin in Marseille, a history teacher in a vocational school in the north of the city. He will continue to “show and explain” caricatures to his students. “More than ever we need education,” he adds.

“Today, we can clearly see that it is more complicated”, regretted Olivier, 40 years old, in Bordeaux, who came with his family: after the 2015 attacks, “everyone stood up. Now, it’s + yes but + “.

A national tribute will be paid Wednesday in coordination with the family of the murdered teacher, announced the Elysee, without specifying the location.

The departmental council of Yvelines proposed to rename the college where he taught with his name.

Investigators on Sunday continued their investigations to trace the responsibilities and possible complicity in the attack.

– Eleven police custody –

The assailant was identified as Abdoullakh Anzorov, born in Moscow and a refugee in France with his family.

In his town of Evreux, his neighbors describe a young man “discreet”, “immersed in religion” for three years. However, he was not listed for radicalization by the intelligence services.

An eleventh person, from his entourage, was placed in police custody on Sunday morning, according to a judicial source.

The parents, who obtained political asylum in France ten years ago, the grandfather and the little brother of the killer, as well as members of his close entourage were arrested on Friday evening by the police and were found still in custody on Sunday.

The father of a student of the victim and a very active Islamist activist known to the police, Abdelhakim Sefrioui, were also arrested and had still been questioned since Saturday.

The two men had started a mobilization campaign to denounce the teacher’s initiative to show his 4th year class the caricatures of Mohammed as part of a course on freedom of expression, and called for his dismissal from college.

Investigators are now seeking to identify possible links between these two men and the killer. Was he “piloted” or did he decide to attack the professor on his own?

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