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A holiday that does not pass. The Minister of National Education has been under fire from critics since Monday January 17: the Mediapart site revealed that the interview revealing the health protocol at school during the post-Christmas vacation re-entry was produced from Ibiza, where Jean-Michel Blanquer was then staying. Information confirmed to franceinfo by his cabinet. “It’s the return of bling bling at a time when everyone has to tighten their belts”, reacts Olivier Faure, the boss of the Socialist Party. Follow our live.

Still high numbers. The number of patients with Covid-19 hospitalized in critical care remained stable on Monday, January 17, compared to seven days earlier, with a number of new cases detected still high over a week, according to official figures. The critical care services, which receive the most serious cases, had 3,913 Covid patients on Monday (including 355 new admissions), against 3,852 the day before and the day before and 3,904 the previous Monday.

The mandatory mask outdoors in Ile-de-France and Loire-Atlantique in crowded places. The prefect of police of Paris and the prefect of Loire-Atlantique have issued new orders to restore the wearing of masks outside, after decisions by administrative courts invalidating their first orders. The obligation is imposed in particular in markets, at gatherings, at public transport stops or near schools and places of worship.

A new strike call for Thursday in schools. Eight National Education unions have decided to launch a new strike call for Thursday, January 20 in schools, colleges and high schools. They denounce the “chaos caused by the management of the health crisis”. In this joint appeal, FSU, CGT Educ’Action, FO, SUD-Education, FCPE, Voix Lycéenne, MNL and FIDL believe that “the announcements made by the Prime Minister and the Minister of National Education” after the first mobilization last week “are not sufficient”.

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