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07:52 : “Everything that can federate within the school, teamwork, falls into the water. We can no longer eat together, we are all isolated. Intra-school life is completely dead.”

07:48 : Between a first light health protocol announced the day before returning from the Christmas holidays, then a second three days later, and a concrete situation that is sometimes chaotic on the ground, Isabelle, director of an elementary school in Yvelines confides her difficulties in the face to the new wave of Covid-19 while waiting for better days juggling between small fleeting joys, exhaustion and demotivation. On this day of strike to protest against the health situation at the school, his establishment is completely closed.


07:44 : All unions denounce “an indescribable mess” in schools, where measures to contain contaminations continue to follow one another. This “is not a strike against the virus but it illustrates the growing fed-up in schools”, said Snuipp-FSU, the first union in primary education. Follow our live.

07:33 : Teachers demand a “secure school under Omicron”. “Exasperated”, the trade unions are asking Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer to hear their multiple demands, which range from the overhaul and clarification of the health protocol to securing establishments through the recruitment of staff this winter. Franceinfo returns to the reasons for this movement.

07:28 : Many teachers and school directors are on strike to protest against the government’s health policy. How did we get here ? Franceinfo returns, in four acts, the failed back to school government.

07:14 : Same story in the regional press. Alsace, The Ardennes and The Republican Berry look at the teachers’ movement. The Republican Berry even evokes a “black Thursday”.

7:15 a.m. : Day of strike in the National Education to protest against the management of the health situation which occupies a large place in the dailies. Release, The cross, Le Figaro and Humanity devote their one to it.

07:26 : We open with the traditional point on the news.

Day of strike in National Education. The mobilization should lead to the closure of half of the schools. The mobilization promises to be historic, with 75% of primary school teachers on strike. The teaching staff protests against the management of the health crisis.

The Senate dominated by the right-wing opposition voted last night in first reading, after having significantly modified it, the bill strengthening the tools of management of the health crisis, which establishes the vaccination pass.

The Versailles administrative court suspended the prefectural decree making it compulsory to wear a mask outdoors in the Yvelines department, a first on the national territory.

A man was taken into custody in the investigation into this quadruple murder that occurred in 2012 in Haute-Savoie, which is still unsolved. Here is where the investigation is.

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