Disney+ Hotstar has announced a new Latin American thriller series, titled Santa Evita. The show is set to premiere under the Star banner soon in India.

The seven-episode fictional series, based on the best-selling book of the same name written by Argentinian author Tomás Eloy Martínez, follows the intriguing tale of Eva Peron’s embalmed body, which remained unburied for three years awaiting the construction of a monument that was never completed. It’s the story of a body with no grave and the legend that was born from it.

In 1955, a military coup in Argentina overthrew then President Juan Domingo Perón and hid Evita’s body for 16 years to prevent it from becoming a symbol against the regime. Before her death, Eva had become a powerful political figure as General Perón’s wife, and her wandering unburied corpse haunted the country’s political arena for over two decades. The series features an internationally renowned cast led by Natalia Oreiro, Ernesto Alterio and Diego Velázquez, with Francesc Orella and Darío Grandinetti as Juan Domingo Perón.

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