Are there wines without sulphites? This is a question of our time. But if you ask it to winegrowers or oenologists, the former run the risk of launching into defensive diatribes (” we defend a know-how, not like the ecologists and technocrats of Brussels who want to normalize everything! ”), The second in chemical explanations to make an excited sleepy ecstatic.

Emile Coddens, second in the cellar of a Loire Valley farm, responds in 30 seconds on TikTok, the favorite application for teenagers, with simple words and a good glass of humor. ” I’ll tell you right away, wines with zero sulphite, that’s not possible! he explains in a video, because yeasts make sulphites, so we are talking about wines without added sulphites »He specifies.

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When the wine degenerates

If this twenty-something, with the physique of a young premier, is more knowledgeable in grape variety than in syntax, he opens the doors to the world of wine wide for curious neophytes. It’s pretty cool. Clear eyes, blond curls, streetwear cap and a very rural sleeveless down jacket, the winegrower is at ease in front of the camera.

The secrets of pressing and settling

It all started during the first confinement, when the wine estate emptied of its customers. He who loved to reveal to them the secrets of pressing, settling or blending, found himself very isolated and frustrated. He thinks of the young people he met and then posts his first videos on TikTok. Champagne! His le.vigneron account now has more than 460,000 subscribers, curious young neophytes, more familiar with rooftops than with wine cellars:

Wine is a product that seems very luxurious, very inaccessible, often reserved for people who know it or who are financially well off. », He explains in another post, but that’s not the case at all! “.

Meeting with a happy couple of winegrowers in Cahors

Building on his Tiktokian success, Emile Coddens released this fall a little book from the same barrel: “Wine is shared! »(Ed Ecuador), 150 pages of wine popularization with clear explanations and decomplexing advice. ” Age, gender, social background or budget should not prevent you from entering this universe. »He explains in the preamble.

The sequel after the advertisement

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If you know your wine merchant by first name, grape varieties by name, and all the years of good wines, the book is not for you. But if, at the time of the 2021 harvest, you are wondering how rosé wine is made or why the bottoms of the bottles are hollow, this manual – which could be called Wine for All – is perfect. Because I tell you right away, wine is happiness.

“Wine can be shared! »(Ed Ecuador) 154 pages, 16 euros.

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