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In the China Sea, divers are trying to revive the coral reef badly damaged by pollution. To achieve this, they plant artificial corals to preserve the conservation of the seabed.

A transparent sea, emerald green. In southern China, in the tropical waters of the island of Hainan, coral is becoming scarce, damaged by global warming, pollution and fishing. For more than a decade, divers have planted artificial corals, all year round, to form new reefs. They have already reconstituted 200,000 m2 of coral. A few months later, the young shoots have grown and will be replanted elsewhere.

In the China Sea, there are 50 areas where these teams of divers, gardeners of the seabed, are at work. For Huang Hui of the South China Sea Oceanographic Institute: “The ocean would be healthy if coral covered 50% of the seabed”. Today, only 10% are covered. And nearly a quarter of sea creatures need coral. According to the UN, 50% of corals in the world’s seas have disappeared.

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