End of the standoff between Facebook and Australia. The social network announced Tuesday, February 23 the lifting “In the coming days” the blocking of news content in this country, the government having agreed to amend the law aimed at forcing the tech giants to pay the media for the resumption of their content.

Alibaba, Facebook, Google… The year 2021 promises to be eventful for the web giants

Australian Finance Minister Josh Frydenberg and Facebook Australia Managing Director Will Easton said they had found a compromise on one of the key points of this text to which the US giants of the sector are fiercely opposed. “With these changes, we can now work to continue our investment in public service journalism and restore Facebook news for Australians in the coming days.”said Will Easton.


Last week, Facebook blocked the publication of links to news articles and media pages nationwide. Several official rescue service Facebook pages were also unintentionally affected. This retaliatory measure sparked indignation in Australia as well as in many countries.

Why be afraid of dismantling the Gafa?

The compromise means that the behemoths Facebook and Google – particularly targeted by this bill – should not be punished as long as they make deals with media outlets in exchange for the use of their content.

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