Actress Debina Bonnerjee entered Bigg Boss 15 recently as a panellist. The actress’passionate stance has gone viral ever since the episode was aired.

She fearlessly put forward her opinion without getting in any argument with the other panellists. Fans are praising Debina for how she articulated her point of view and gracefully expressed it.

One user tweeted: “Please come in next season. You got a voice with tightness,” while another user wrote, “Loved how you voice your opinion. Crystal clear, assertive and the point. You were the only one who was able to say everything you wanted to without getting bothered by other panellist’s voices.”

Debina too expressed her feelings taking to her Instagram handle and she wrote, “Now, I know you loved me in #biggboss last night. Interesting people have always seen me voicing dialogues…people had not seen me voice my opinion. This was the first of its kind and I’m glad you found them to the point also holding on to my dignity and with a lot of grace.”

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