As the Greens in 1998 Fuel prices of 5 D-Marks per liter, it almost broke their necks. We are not far from it now.

In line with the start of the holiday, an ADAC study reveals the usury on highways. Those who refuel directly at the service area pay an average of 26 cents more for a liter of Super E10 than at a truck stop – which is usually only a few kilometers from the motorway. Diesel drivers are hardly better off. They are also asked to pay 25 cents more per liter at the service area.

In individual cases, the rest stops were even 39 cents (E10) or 34 cents (diesel) above the prices at the truck stop. Means: At many rest stops, a liter of petrol should cost over two euros during the holiday season.

FDP traffic expert Oliver Luksic (42) on BILD: “Massive surcharges on fuel prices on motorways spoil the start of the journey for some vacationers, a price comparison via apps makes sense. The Bundeskartellamt should take a look at these surcharges and check whether there are price agreements. ”

Bad bun for 4.99 euros

Another hammer price: the most expensive service area charged a whopping 4.99 euros for a simple sandwich. The cheapest price at the truck stop was 1.69 euros. The schnitzel prices also fluctuate between EUR 5.20 and EUR 14.90.

The study also criticizes the fact that vegetarians are often not offered an alternative. Standard dish: noodle with vegetarian sauce. This is offered quite cheaply (8.78 euros to 9.06 euros), but is not available in 20 or ten out of 35 rest stops and truck stops. Alternative? Nothing!

BILD does the test: 17 euros were due for this purchase at the rest stop

Photo: Stephan Schuetze

But the price difference for hand disinfectants is really blatant. Here, the rest stops sometimes beat over 1000 percent compared to the truck stop operators. The cheapest hand disinfectant cost 50 cents (truck stop), the most expensive 5.99 euros (rest stop) – for a measly 50 milliliters mind you!

The service station association Tank & Rast to BILD: “The pricing in restaurants and shops is in the hands of our franchise partners.”

Absurd: The association does not want to recognize excessive prices and explains: “From the customer’s point of view, Tank & Rast is at the forefront when it comes to price-performance ratio.”

Toilets are rarely free

The use of the toilet facilities was also subject to a charge at almost all rest stops. These are looked after by the company Sanifair. Truck stops have also begun to charge money for using the toilet. The use of the sanitary facilities was still free of charge in just under half of the truck stops examined.


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