Ascheberg – The police didn’t hesitate for long: the officers put out a burning car with their dark blue water cannon “STA 1”!

For some rioters at demos, this is probably one of the most sensible uses of this federal police vehicle …

When the police arrived, the BMW was on fire

Photo: police

The police from St. Augustin (near Bonn) were on their way back from an assignment in Hamburg when they noticed billows of smoke on the A1 in North Rhine-Westphalia. A BMW station wagon was parked in the “Westerwinkel” car park (Ascheberg, Münsterland) and was blazing!

There were already colleagues from the motorway police and an ADAC helper who had no chance with their handheld fire extinguishers. Even before the already alerted fire brigade arrives, the Bupo colleagues provide “administrative assistance” quickly and unbureaucratically.

A spokesman: “1300 liters of water and 20 liters of foam were dispensed.” A “Wawe” blows this amount of water out of its launcher tube in just over a minute at 20 bar!

Incidentally, the driver (74) of the fire truck from Wilhelmshafen was uninjured. Why the BMW burned is still unclear.


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