Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi recently got into a legal trouble. The actor was punished by the Mumbai Police for riding a bike on the city streets without a helmet and mask. All this happened when the actor shared a video on Instagram, in which he was seen taking a romantic ride with his wife Priyanka on Valentine’s Day. The Mumbai Traffic Police has cut their challan. Vivek has given his response in this matter after cutting the challan. He admitted that riding a bike without a helmet is not right.

Actor Vivek Oberoi recently tweeted and wrote, ‘Love brought us to what mode. We and our lives were found on a new bike, an invoice was cut without a helmet. Ride without a helmet? Mumbai Police will check Thanks to the Mumbai Police for making me realize that safety is very important. Stay safe, wear a helmet and mask. Vivek had imposed a fine of Rs 500 after the video was shared by the Mumbai Traffic Police and an FIR was filed against the actor for not wearing a helmet. In which the ongoing coronavirus epidemic and cases were considered.

How did love bring us: Vivek Oberoi's invoice for driving without a helmet bike in Mumbai Photo Sincerely – Instagram vivekoberoi

Vivek Oberoi shared a video on social media on 14 February, in which he was seen riding a bike in the streets of Mumbai late at night. Vivek keeps sharing photos and videos on social media to stay connected with his fans.


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