Who starts the year behind Apple and its $ 3 trillion in the ranking of the most valued companies on the stock market, after having even throne in first position in the fall of 2021? A name that had almost been forgotten, as its performance over the past ten years had lacked luster and had almost expelled it from the Top 10 of the world’s largest capitalizations: Microsoft.

In all discretion, the Redmond firm was able to operate a remounted to the summits of capitalist Olympus. With its 2,400 billion dollars, Microsoft surpasses Amazon and even its young rival Google. How did she? When we question its chairman and vice-chairman of the board of directors Brad Smith, recently passing through Paris, he makes an almost “psy” speech: “Sometimes you have to know how to look at yourself through the eyes of others. ” Clearly, Microsoft has heard all the evil that others – understanding customers, regulators, the tech world – could say about the company:

“We must understand and then accept our faults before finding the solutions. After the lawsuits brought against us by many states, we have changed our corporate culture. “

Ah, the corporate culture, this central concept in management manuals, this set of behaviors and values ​​that shape a company from the inside …

“There is a saying you may have heard before: In a company, culture eats strategy for breakfast”. In c

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