Midwives believe they lack resources and salary recognition. Anna Roy left the maternity ward in which she worked for 9 years. She explains that she can no longer do her job properly, for lack of resources. “We are abusive. When I let women hang around, who I can’t even bring them a glass of water, in disgusting sanitary napkins, mistreatment goes very quickly”, She launched in an interview given to the media Brut. The loneliness, the lack of support, is what felt a young woman who gave birth last September of her first child. She says she experienced a traumatic childbirth. “We pretended I wasn’t there, the midwife didn’t explain what she was doing”, She says.

In a Parisian maternity hospital, a patient is preparing to give birth without an epidural. So Valentine Dulong, a midwife, must be available to her as much as possible. This time, she has time, but that is not always the case. In this establishment, 300 deliveries take place each month, and only four midwives work there: insufficient to face emergencies on weekends. 700,000 petitioners are calling for one midwife for every woman who gives birth. Today, 55% of these professionals say they want to change jobs.

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