The noise from the affair has just subsided, PSG striker Mauro Icardi was exposed once again during a tour with his wife in 2018.

According to journalist Rodrigo Lussich, the affair scandal with China Suarez is not the first time Icardi betrayed Nara. “Icardi met a woman on vacation with Nara,” Lussich said on the show Intrusos last weekend.

The incident is said to have happened when the couple went to the Lio nightclub, during their vacation in Ibiza, Spain in 2018. “It all happened at the Lio nightclub, where the bloody players come”, Lussich continue to reveal. “That night, a magician was invited to perform in Lio. But the next day he was fired, because his wife told Wanda that she saw Icardi behaving suspiciously.”

The Uruguayan journalist continued: “Wanda and Mauro were watching the show attentively, when a girl who worked there walked up to Icardi. He kept looking at her without taking his eyes off her. Then she stopped and the two of them stopped. had an intimate conversation, the two looked at each other, then she went to another area Icardi immediately stood up, and the two of them went to the bathroom a few minutes later, the girl left first, Icardi came out after”.

Wanda Nara is said to have tried to deal with Icardi’s affairs in silence, and kept her husband’s feet by “tightening her”. Photo: Instagram / wanda_icardi

According to Lussich, Nara knew her husband had secretly had sex at that time, but decided not to make a big deal out of it. He said: “Obviously Icardi and Nara had a big argument. But then, Nara chose to keep the matter private and not reveal it to anyone.”

The noise from Icardi’s house began on October 16, when Nara accused her husband of having an affair with her friend – the beautiful China Suarez. She then took her children out of her home in Paris, flying back to Milan, Italy while waiting for a divorce. Icardi, therefore, had to take a break from practice to go to Italy to make up.

Their family was peaceful again when Nara posted a love letter to her husband on Instagram on October 25. The Argentine supermodel revealed that the couple even signed the divorce papers, before changing their minds.

In the midst of rumors of quarrels with her young husband, Nara posted a photo of her ex-husband Maxi Lopez with her three sons. Lopez’s girlfriend also appears in the photo. According to the Italian press, Nara posted a photo to thank her ex-husband for taking care of three children while her family was in trouble.

Taking advantage of the time off PSG, Nara and Icardi have just been on vacation in Dubai. The 28-year-old striker is rumored to have signed an agreement to give all his assets to his wife to manage until 2050, when Icardi is 57 years old.

Nara and her husband seven years younger married in 2014. The two secretly had sex while Nara was still the wife of striker Maxi Lopez. Nara has five children, including three sons with Lopez and two daughters – 6-year-old Francesca and 5-year-old Isabella – with Icardi.

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