The information is widely commented on on social networks: Saturday, November 22 in the evening, the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory (Australia), Michael Gunner, announced during a press conference that 8 people tested positive for Covid -19 and 38 prolonged contact cases had been transferred, regardless of their vaccination status, to the Howard Springs quarantine camp. The interned are from Binjari, an Aboriginal community located near the town of Katherine. “It has been predicted by the” conspirators “for a long time: Australia announces that the army will transfer positive to the Covid to put them in the quarantine camps”, commented Yoann B. on Twitter.

The information is perfectly accurate. On the other hand, there is nothing exceptional about it. Since the start of the pandemic, the Australian government has instituted very strict 14-day quarantines for people infected with Covid-19, prolonged contact cases and Australian nationals returning from abroad. The latter were then sent to hotels supervised by the State, or to one of the two camps specially set up (to replace the requisition of hotels): Alice Springs, located in the center of the country, or Howard Springs, located in the far north, 300 kilometers from Katherine.

Since May 2021, the latter no longer only welcomes nationals coming from abroad, but also some patients with Covid-19 and prolonged contact cases. Moreover, according to Michael Gunner, other people could be transferred to Howard Springs in the coming days, in view of “the very strong personal and family ties” which unite the aboriginal communities. That Rockhole, neighbor of Binjari, is particularly concerned.

In an interview given last June, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison estimated that 370,000 people had passed through a hotel or quarantine camp.

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