Karine Dubernet is a liberated spirit and a free spirit. Passionate about her job as an actress and author, she is sincere in what she transmits, especially when it comes to social issues, “her playground”. Opposed to government measures related to the health situation, she makes it known in her own way in her sketches on Youtube or in his columns on Laughter and Songs. With her, we discussed freedom of expression, her regret for the silence of the artistic world and her optimistic vision of the future.

Very positive, she believes that humor is life-saving: “focusing on what is funny makes it easier to accept the situation”. By remaining honest about her positions, she does not denounce, but simply says what she seems to be right. His recipe: the more sincere you are, the more the spectators are receptive.

The censorship of one of her videos on YouTube does not prevent her from keeping hope: she believes that we can still laugh at everything today, but we must have the courage to face the insults and the censorship that comes with it. ensue. You also have to know how to use a lot of “stratagems” to be able to “say the same thing without being censored”. The situation we are going through sheds light on the dysfunctions linked to freedom of expression and according to her, this can allow us to improve things together.

Thus, “it is time” according to her, that artists raise their voices to “fight injustice” and denounce the government’s “apartheid” policy. To move things forward and resist, she appeals to artists who, like her, wish to offer a show “differently”, intended for everyone, including those who do not have a vaccination pass.

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