Leipzig – When Christoph Gröner (54) steps on the gas, the first set of tires has to be changed after just 30 kilometers…

The Berlin real estate entrepreneur (CG Elementum) had his private Porsche fleet of 41 (!) vehicles unloaded at the Porsche factory on Sunday to let fellow entrepreneurs do a few laps with them – for a good cause.

He already has 41 vehicles, the (so far) last one from the Opera Ball for 120,000 euros

Photo: Anika Dollmeyer

For every lap over the 3.7 kilometer course, donations are raised for “Wirtschaft kann Kinder”, Gröner’s foundation against child poverty. In the past two years, 700,000 euros have already been raised. When the second day of racing is over on Monday, another 400,000 euros should be in the pot.

His favorite speedster is the 911 GT3 (520 hp). He owns that one in different colors, always with special equipment. “The green one costs 250,000,” he says at 210 km/h on the long straight.

Some models are only available three times in the world. His collection should now have a total value of up to 20 million euros! Gröner’s total fortune is estimated at 80 million.

Gröner also let Minister of State Thomas Schmidt (61, CDU) drive his 911 GT3

Gröner also let Minister of State Thomas Schmidt (61, CDU) drive his 911 GT3

Photo: Anika Dollmeyer

However, he did not buy the luxury cars as an investment. “Entrepreneurs have so much freedom where they do nonsense,” admits Gröner. “I would never manage to drive all of them. With the Charity Race we have created a very good cause.”

And after all: the return from the race is around four percent, which benefits children’s hospices and street workers.


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