The little Dewi, eight years old, was found on Saturday afternoon safe and sound in a field in Plouaret (Côtes-d’Armor) in the company of his father who had kidnapped him the day before in Lannion, announced the prosecution of Saint -Brieuc.

“At around 3:00 p.m., they were recovered in the town of Plouaret safe and sound”, about fifteen km south of Lannion, told AFP Bertrand Leclerc, prosecutor of Saint-Brieuc, who should bring more ‘elements in a press release in the late afternoon.

“We had information saying that they had been seen in this corner, we moved the helicopter, dogs and staff,” said the gendarmes to AFP, specifying that there was no of “difficulties” during the interpellation.

About 70 gendarmes were mobilized to find Dewi, who had been kidnapped late Friday morning at the House of the Lannion department.

A kidnapping alert was triggered on Saturday morning by the Ministry of Justice and significant research resources put in place to find the little boy, placed in a foster family and suffering from deafness, and that the father could not see alone.

Friday morning, at the House of the department of Lannion, where he came to see his child, the father had kidnapped Dewi “suddenly” but “without physical violence on third parties”, said the prosecutor of Saint-Brieuc. He had succeeded in deceiving the vigilance of those responsible for monitoring visitation rights and accompanying the child to his foster family.

“The father, who had the child in his arms, fled abruptly to a vehicle with which he had arrived and fled quite suddenly with great haste,” according to the same source.

The child’s mother died a few months after birth. The father of the little boy, aged 38, has a criminal record which is not, however, “considerable”, according to the prosecutor.

“He had visitation rights, but as they say + publicized +, that is to say, he was not left alone with the child precisely to prevent him from being able to recover it”, said Mr. Leclerc. , specifying that the father and the child “are known to judges and social services”.

The gendarmerie device had been revised upwards throughout the day with nearly 70 gendarmes dedicated to the search for the two individuals, with a helicopter and a dog team from Rennes, we learned from the gendarmes.

– the widely disseminated kidnapping alert –

As per protocol, the kidnapping alert message was circulated widely on numerous media outlets on Saturday.

The judicial investigation was entrusted to the central direction of the judicial police (DCPJ) while the interregional direction of the PJ of Rennes is responsible for overseeing the judicial investigations, according to the Saint-Brieuc prosecutor’s office.

The “Abduction Alert” plan is a massive and immediate alert system deployed to assist in the search for a suspected abducted child. It is largely inspired by the “Amber Alert” plan, created in Texas in 1996, after the kidnapping and murder of little Amber Hagerman.

Adopted in France in February 2006, it consists of mobilizing the population in the search for the child and his abductor. Saturday’s alert is the 25th. A 26th alert was triggered in 2008 but lifted even before its release, the child having been found in Nantes.

The last kidnapping alert dates back to last April for the kidnapping of little Mia. The little girl, who was entrusted to her grandmother, had been kidnapped in the Vosges by three men at the initiative of her mother. The child and his mother were found five days later in a squat in Switzerland, safe and sound.

It is only activated if several criteria are met: there must be a proven kidnapping and not a simple disappearance, the victim must be a minor, his physical integrity or his life must be in danger and elements of information must make it possible to locate him. .

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