Memorizer is an app that has been designed to simplify access to our memories, by centralizing them in an intelligent tool that organizes them and enriches them thanks to artificial intelligence.

Preparing for the future : Memorizer allows us to create visual to-do lists

Store your memories : especially the pictures

Improve memory and culture: Memorizer provides landmarks and content so that everyone can develop their own memory and culture (reading, movies, series, outings, restaurants…), memory that you can share with a community of your choice.

Protect your personal data : this application can become the vault of your memory.

This app is obviously for everyone. The seniors whose memories are fading, the working people who store up and no longer remember dates or places. And the others who, like everyone else, are confronted with the limits of memory every day.

Memorizer conducted a survey on a panel of 1200 people.

– 71% take photos to remember things they don’t want to forget
– 70% find that these photos end up lost in their phone’s gallery

– 60% would like to have an app that would allow them to remember everything they have done or would like to do in their social and cultural life.

The two inventors of this application, Charles Baron and Thomas Sales, are two friends in the wind, who do not forget that forgetting is a kind of “social death”. In January 2020, they launched their own project, born from a simple observation: memory is the most precious thing we have, but it is impossible to retain everything we would like on a daily basis.

By dealing with a subject that is very little exploited from a tool point of view, the startup intends to simplify access to the information that we wish to retain, and which could be drowned at any time in the flow of data that floods our daily lives.

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