Hundreds of thousands Mercedes have to go to the workshop. But: Because of Corona, spare parts are missing. Repair impossible!

Recalls due to defective parts are not uncommon in the automotive industry. It happens again and again that defective components have to be replaced after a few years. The coolant pump is currently causing problems at Mercedes-Benz.

More than 800,000 vehicles worldwide are affected.

▶ ︎ Specifically: Diesel models from the GLC, GLE, GLS, C-, E- and S-Class, CLS and the off-road Dino G-Class with the OM 654 or OM 656 engines. Production period: January 2017 to October 2021.

In the “customer information on the recall campaign” it says: It was found that the coolant pump, which can be controlled via negative pressure, could have a leak between the coolant and negative pressure circuit in the vehicles.

In individual cases this could cause the component temperature to rise continuously. Fire hazard – “not completely excluded”!

This letter was sent to the customers concerned

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The big problem: However, the affected customers cannot yet make an appointment with the service partner. Because Mercedes does not (yet) have the necessary parts.

The lack of spare parts is a consequence of the global corona pandemic. Many manufacturers cannot produce large numbers of vehicles quickly as they are used to, and spare parts are also difficult to obtain.

For the time until the workshops can finally start with the replacement, Mercedes has one more piece of advice for customers: “In the meantime, the vehicle affected by the recall should be driven particularly carefully and use restricted to the necessary minimum.”

Specifically: Mercedes advises its customers to leave their car behind!

When asked by BILD, Mercedes said that they were working flat out on a solution to the problem. The first wave should already be processed in mid / end of January 2022.


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