Actress and Miss Bulgaria 2019 Margo Cooper is determined to make it big in the Hindi film industry now!

From taking dance and Hindi classes to formulating a wish-list for herself, Margo says that Bollywood has always fascinated her since childhood. “I have loved Bollywood movies since I was a child. I enjoy the dancing part and love the dramatic script of old classic Bollywood movies. That’s how I started to dream of coming to India at a young age,” says Margo.

Talking about being a part of the film industry, she says, “The best part is to be able to live many lives in one, to be someone else for a while. And there is no limit to the characters you can play. It’s just a world in a world. What I dislike is that you never know when and if the next project is coming and if people are going to like your work or not. This job is not only about creativity and art but it’s about delivering some emotions, ideas, awareness, and feelings to the audience. We work for the public and they are the most important people in the industry.”

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