Mouni Roy Latest Video: Just waiting for a few moments now, when actress Mouni Roy will become the bride of her boyfriend Sooraj Nambiar forever. At this time, all the highlights related to their wedding rituals are making headlines on social media. Meanwhile, a video of the bride and groom taking place has also surfaced.

As everyone knows, the wedding celebrations of Mouni Roy and Sooraj Nambiar have started and today is their wedding. In Goa, the couple along with their close friends made a big dent in their Haldi and Mehndi Ceremony. Some videos of the Naagin actress are going viral on social media, in one of which she is seen dancing fiercely with her future husband. The video has been shared by the actress’s special friend Rahul Shetty in his Instagram story, after which this video is becoming viral everywhere on social media.

In this video, Mouni Roy is seen dancing fiercely on the song ‘Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali Song’ with her boyfriend Sooraj Nambiar, while wearing mehndi in her hands, Sooraj was also seen swinging with her. However, Suraj stops in the middle of the song and goes to the side, but Mouni’s steps do not stop. During this, Mouni Mehndi is seen adorning the husband’s name in the hands of Mouni.

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Seeing him singing and dancing (Mouni Dance Video), all his close and friends present there were also seen raising the enthusiasm of this moment by making noise. In the video, the swag of the actress wearing a yellow outfit is worth seeing. It is known that Mouni Roy and Sooraj Nambiar are going to take seven rounds today i.e. on January 27.

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