The info has its little opaque side that we could miss: “Nike acquires the RTFKT virtual clothing start-up. “ Only those who know that RTFKT is pronouncing Artefact feel the thrill of the event passing over them, the others soap their shells. And yet, and let your waitress here at least teach you that, the information is enormous.

In 2021, the brand new RTFKT company (headed by three men including a Frenchman, Benoît Pagotto) had an artist just out of his teens (FEWOCIUS) draw a pair of virtual sneakers, and put it on display. sale. In seven minutes, under the astonished eyes of the instigators, the pair generated a profit of 3.1 million dollars. 620 pairs sold. Since this masterstroke, the start-up RTFKT has generated a profit of 100 million dollars in turnover.

What is the metaverse, this internet of the future that makes Mark Zuckerberg dream?

I don’t have a passion for numbers and they don’t impress me. But it is simply impossible that such a craze does not meet a deep demand

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