A HEM survey shows that car sharing is no alternative to owning a car.

The range of car sharing vehicles has increased significantly in recent years. This model is spreading more and more, especially in large cities. All over Germany there are 228 suppliers with 26,220 cars. In the rural regions, the offer is significantly thinner.

The idea behind it: fewer vehicles on the road, less pollution and no maintenance costs for the user. A representative study by the HEM gas station chain has now found that only one percent of all respondents regularly use sharing vehicles.

A full 81 percent, on the other hand, can answer the question about usage with a clear no

But why are the Germans so averse to this offer?

▶ One third of the respondents do not know whether there is such an offer nearby.

▶ Another third thinks that no car sharing is offered in the immediate vicinity.

▶ A full 86 percent of those surveyed cover the majority of their journeys in their own car. Three quarters of them use the car alone and only three percent share the journey in the car with work colleagues. The remaining participants get on bicycles (5 percent), take public transport (4 percent) or walk (4 percent).

▶ A large proportion, 48 percent, attach great importance to having their own car and would not use car sharing.

▶ Other reasons for having your own car are often cumbersome handling or an overly expensive offer from car sharing providers. Around half of the respondents indicated that they would like to spend a maximum of five euros per hour on a rental vehicle.

And these are the reasons for using car sharing:

▶ For 22 percent, one-way journeys, for example to the airport, are an attractive exception. For one-off, longer journeys, at least 12 percent can imagine using car sharing – or if the situation arises (20 percent).

In the end, accessibility, availability and, last but not least, price are what count for the study participants (64 percent).


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