Each year the World Food Day is celebrated on October 16, as on this day United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization was founded in 1945. And this time, we look at snacking, which we are all guilty of doing to keep hunger at bay. We know the world is still divided on the effects of snacking on a human body, but the terms morning snacking, impulse snacking, binge-snacks, anxiety snacking or PMS snacking are rife! We ask celebs about their favorite snacks.

Bake it: Kavveri Priyam

My go-to snack is a hot coffee with some bakery items like a dark chocolate muffin. Even I love rasgulla, which I eat occasionally.

Instant energy

Parul Chaudhry

To satisfy my food cravings, I grab a hot coffee with a sandwich or a protein bar. Protein bars are great for that instant energy.

Street foodie: Sneh Binny

For me, it’s chocolates, chips and if I see some pani puri around, then that. If dosa is my comfort food then it is chaat that I find yummy. Both the food items are on the top of my snacking list.

Trekking with Maggi

Meera Deosthale

I like eating Maggi. It is my comfort food any day and anytime. Eating Maggie while traveling in mountain works wonders.

Calorie check


If hungry at odd times, my ultimate choices are eating chocolate, bhujia and even chips. I eat sparingly as calorie issues are always on my mind.

Binge-eating: Delnaaz Irani

The first thing I do is have tea, then if I have fruits at home, I eat them, and if I am out, I can binge-eat anything. Of late I have started snacking healthy, and now I carry a box full of mixed nuts and seeds, so that I can have them if I am out. At home, it’s usually fruits or a cup of tea with some wheat biscuits.

Choco bite: Vijayendra Kumeria

I like to have dark chocolate. Though it’s not very healthy, it acts as a mood enhancer and gives instant energy too.

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