“Decline!” Oberhessische Zeitung

“This is Opel’s death in installments” Wirtschaftswoche

“Opel is being dismembered” Handesheet.

Rüsselsheim – Opel mother Stellantis, the German-Italian 14-car-brand group, wants to take away responsibility for its plants from Opel. Stellantis boss Carlos Tavares (63) plans to use the central control to better utilize the auto works. In other words, it should be possible to build all Stellantis products in all plants.

The group wants to convert the two German plants in Rüsselsheim and Eisenach into their own legal and production organization.

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IG Metall in Frankfurt is already sounding the alarm: “With the planned break-up, the parent company of Opel is endangering the entire brand, locations and employment as well as the co-determination structures. The employee representatives will not accept this without resistance. “

But it can also be to the advantage of Opel if, in addition to Opel, French or Italian cars are built in Rüsselsheim. As is currently the case with the Citroen DS4, which is rolling off the assembly line alongside the new Astra in Hesse.

In any case, workers and trade unionists want to demonstrate for their cause on October 29 as part of a day of action.


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