Gauhar Khan shocked to see paparazzi behavior: The paparazzi culture in Mumbai has now completely spread its feet. Desperate to capture a glimpse of celebs in the cameras, these paparazzi ie celeb photographers often do something that celebs and their fans are also surprised to see. Once again the hallmark of this has been seen. When Gauhar Khan was spotted in Mumbai, to take her pictures, the photographers did something that Gauhar Khan caught her head. Not only this, the actress got upset and also said that don’t know why these people do this?

Actually, it happened that when Gauhar Khan appeared in Mumbai, there was a panic among the photographers to take her pictures and in this crowd and stampede, the paparazzi even dropped the effigy kept at the bar of the shop. Seeing such behavior of paparazzi, Gauahar Khan held her forehead and even said that I do not know why these people do this.

This video has now gone viral on social media. And netizens are also giving their reaction on this. Well, this is not the first time, but photographers make such mistake many times in the process of capturing celebs photos. Gauahar Khan is very active on social media and often expresses her opinion openly on such issues. Recently, a video of a woman had gone viral in which she was seen picking fruits from the street vendors and tossing them down. Gauhar Khan wrote on this – Those who do this should be ashamed. Please give me the number of this vendor. I want to buy all its fruits. those who have been harmed. At the same time, he had also asked the name of that woman on social media itself. Gauhar Khan, who has been working in the industry for many years, has been seen in TV serials, films, music videos. And she is a well-known celebrity, that is why the media remains eager to take her pictures.

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