How did acting happen to you?

I always wanted to act, but wasn’t sure about it. I come from a Marwari family, so I was very practical and thought of doing business only, like my father and grandfather, but in 2019, I realized that business is just giving me money and not satisfaction. So, one fine day, I just decided to quit and get into acting.

What kind of challenges have you faced as an outsider in the industry?

Obviously, it was not easy and definitely challenging. But I am sure it’s just not me and it’s not about being an outsider, I guess challenges and difficulties are in every field. So, it’s very important to face them and value your achievements.

How will you define your off-screen relationship with other co-actors?

It has been a year now that we are shooting and spend like 12 hours a day together; we eat together, enjoy together, work together— so now it feels like a family to me. And not just with co-actors, but everyone on sets — production people, direction team, spot dada and more.

How has television content evolved over the years?

Content on television has evolved. We can now see many new reality and fiction shows that were nowhere to be seen before.

Does it become hectic shooting daily for long hours for the shows?

It gets very tiring shooting every day, without a single day off. On top of that, there is also working out in the gym. I have to start my day at five in the morning and by the end of it, I get drained completely. But it’s a blessing for me because I like being busy!

What is the key difference that you find between TV and OTT?

As an actor, I enjoy OTT more because you get that freedom to perform without any boundaries or limitations. Television is more cut-to-cut work and we have certain restrictions. Television is monotonous and very mechanical.

How do you keep yourself motivated?

I don’t have any other option but to remain motivated because competition is tough in the market. I obviously have to work a lot.

What’s your fitness mantra?

To be honest, I don’t have any fitness mantra! It’s just that I like to be fit, so I am very dedicated towards my fitness regimen.

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