Priya Prakash Varrier Photo: Priya Prakash Warrior, a well-known actress of South Indian films ( Priya Prakash Varrier ) Today she is known as ‘Wink Girl’. A few years ago, an eye-catching video of Priya became so viral on social media that that video made the actress an overnight star. People may or may not know Priya by name, but now everyone knows who the ‘wink girl’ is.

By the way, apart from acting, Priya is also very active on social media. More than one photo of the actress goes viral on social media every day. Meanwhile, a bold photo of Priya is becoming quite viral on social media. The style of the actress is being made in this photo. Priya herself has shared this photo on her Instagram story, in which she is looking very hot.

In the photo you can see that Priya is wearing a transparent top of black color. With this top, she is wearing a blue bralette which is clearly visible from inside this top. Along with this, the actress is wearing a black colored short skirt which is making her look even hotter. In the photo, Priya is seen sitting on the edge of a beach and looking at the setting sun.

By the way, this is not the first time that a bold photo of Priya is going viral on social media. Even before this, the actress has got hot and bold photoshoot done many times.


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