It is again to don the costume of “whistleblower” that Professor Luc Montagnier is back at FranceSoir. The first time that the 2008 Nobel Prize for Medicine visited our set, he explained that the Covid-19 virus was the result of laboratory manipulation. The second, he warned that the Covid-19 vaccines would have serious side effects. Two hypotheses swept aside by the intelligentsia at the time. Since then, time, analysis and information have given credence to these analyzes.

This time, the professor of medicine, 89 years old but “still intellectually active” and quick to give his opinion, especially “if there are human lives at stake”, warns about the links between vaccines and cases of prion diseases.

“Fatal and not curable”

What is it exactly? “A prion disease is a protein that changes its conformation. […] The pathology [intervient] when the protein takes an abnormal shape. It is a kind of flattening of the structure, what we call Beta sheets. At that point, this structure becomes insoluble in the cells and no longer works, ”explains Luc Montagnier. To put it more simply, prion diseases are characterized by degeneration of the central nervous system. “They are fatal and not curable.”

The best known of these is that of Creutzfeldt-Jakob, which is linked to a health scandal that occurred in France in the early 1980s. “120 children died from this disease. Why ? Because they had received an injection of pituitaries taken from elderly people in a retirement home. “

But what is the connection with Covid-19 vaccines? The former head of the AIDS and retrovirus department at the Institut Pasteur explains: “Thanks to a study in Spain, we have shown that the aluminum present in vaccines can, by itself, induce prion diseases. However, it is very likely that there is aluminum in Covid vaccines. As in influenza vaccines. “I wonder if the prion diseases developed by some older people are linked to repeated flu injections, because we get vaccinated against the flu every year. »Thus accumulating aluminum in the brain.

“We must stop the vaccine. The earliest would be best

Currently, Professor Montagnier claims to have formally detected five cases of prion disease in young and healthy people, a few weeks after receiving Pfizer injections. And according to him, there could be “dozens and dozens”. “There are people who describe the same phenomenon as I do, but they say, ‘This can’t be the vaccine.’ It’s madness. It’s the vaccine. It must be stopped. The earliest would be best. We will save lives. Especially at a time when we are talking about vaccinating children. “

However, Luc Montagnier is far from being an “anti-vax”. To fight against Covid-19, he recommends using the BCG vaccine (against tuberculosis) – which has not been mandatory in France since 2007 – because it stimulates cellular immunity. “In Mayotte, where BCG is still mandatory, there were very few cases of Covid-19 until the French authorities decreed that mRNA vaccines should be used. From that point on, there was a spike in the number of cases. “

The professor intends to send the results of his research to the editor (editor-in-chief) of the BMJ (British Medical Journal), through a letter co-signed with a group of researchers. Will they be heard this time?

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