Mercedes-Benz pays tribute to star designer Virgil Abloh!

Project Maybach is the result of a close collaboration between Gordon Wagener (53), Head of Design at Mercedes-Benz, and the fashion designer Virgil Abloh († 41), who suddenly died on November 28, 2021.

After the tragic death, Mercedes-Benz originally did not want to publish the luxury design study as planned – but Abloh’s family insisted. The show car can currently be seen at the Rubell Museum in Miami.

Luxurious, robust and whisper-quiet

The result of the collaboration: a two-seater off-road coupé. The luxury sled was equipped with a bull catcher and underrun protection. There is also a roof rack, additional lighting on the roof and rough ATs (all-terrain tires, especially rough knobby tires for very poor roads). We usually only know hardcore off-road vehicles equipped in this way. But it looks great on the Maybach.

At the rear there are round taillights with Maybach logos

Photo: © Mercedes-Benz AG

Luxurious, robust – and also as quiet as a whisper. Because: There is no fat V12 engine under the eternally long bonnet. The radiator grille reveals it: This Maybach is electric. Another indication are the solar panels on the hood.

At the rear there are round taillights, in the middle of which the Maybach logo is brightly illuminated. Interesting: In the USA and other countries, the star is already shining in the radiator grille of some Mercedes models. There is no such thing in Germany because: We do not allow illuminated advertising on vehicles.

Teaser picture

Thanks to the coarse tires, it is also equipped for the terrain

Photo: © Mercedes-Benz AG

Project loggers

There is also a lot to discover in the interior. The first thing you notice is the Maybach ax in the door frame. It looks classy, ​​but it seems a bit strange. Surprisingly, typical displays in the cockpit are not found. Everything will likely be projected onto the panes.

Teaser picture

The interior is a successful mix of classic, modern and extravagant components

Photo: © Mercedes-Benz AG

The armchairs for the driver and front passenger can be folded down to create a completely flat lying surface. You can enjoy pleasant dreams with a view of the starry sky, because there is a huge glass roof over the heads of the vehicle occupants.

Has there ever been more luxury? Probably not, because with Abloh and Wagener, two designers have lined up who know exactly what well-heeled customers want. The special feature: For their vision of responsible future design, the two of them were able to let their creativity run free, completely detached from any production requirements.

Teaser picture

The star designer Virgil Abloh died on November 28, 2021 – he was only 41 years old

Photo: Thibault Camus / AP


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