Illingen – The guy’s got gasoline and old carts on his mind!

Sascha Winter (39), ProWIN managing director and son of company founder Ingolf (66), buys and restores old cars. There have been more than 100 since his teenage years.

He has parked a few dozen in a hall at the moment. BMW, Opel, Ford – mostly models from the 70s and 80s. They are as accurate as they are on a shelf. Whoever goes through, experiences a journey through time.

Sascha Winter: “These vehicles fascinate me. It used to be the bread and butter cars – everyday objects. There aren’t many well-preserved ones. Porsche and Ferrari have always been looked after. They don’t. I am fascinated by the driving experience. I think it’s great to keep them on the streets. “

Sascha Winter and friends do minor repairs on their own. If things get more complicated, the cars have to go to the workshop

Photo: Thomas Wieck

He used to find the cars in the papers. Today it is shifting to the internet. Winter: “The scene is not big. You know each other. When a great car shows up, it is dealt with through personal contact. “

The cars come from z. B. from Hungary, Croatia and Switzerland. Winter: “When they’re with me, I work on it with friends in my free time. If it gets more complicated, go to the workshop. “

He used to have to sell one car to be able to afford the next one. Winter: “I keep most of them now. It’s kind of a retirement plan. My money is not in the bank – it’s in cars. “

The father spends one day a week with the cars, usually on Saturdays. At the beginning of the year he founded a company: Petrolheads – gasoline in your head. Winter: “I offer private persons the opportunity to find their dream car.”

The fewest horsepower

Teaser picture

Ford Fiesta

Photo: Thomas Wieck

39 hp, 130 km / h, built in 1976, 8000 kilometers, 800 kg, bought in 2021 “It was found by friends at an old lady in Völklingen. She actually wanted to scrap it. Fortunately we were able to prevent “

The greatest find of happiness

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Ford 20 M.

Photo: Thomas Wieck

90 hp, 160 km / h, built in 1970, 41,000 kilometers, 1250 kg, purchased in 2106 “The Ford was covered for 30 years in a garage in Püttlingen. The grandson of the owner had to clear the clutter and called me “

The oldest

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Chevrolet Biscayne

Photo: Thomas Wieck

Year of construction 1959, 220 hp, 130 km / h, 1700 kg, 120,000 kilometers, bought in 2018 “I found the car at a dealer in Holland. There are only two of them in Germany “

The longest journey

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Fiat Ritmo TC 105

Photo: Thomas Wieck

105 hp, 180 km / h, built in 1984, 63,000 km, 900 kg, bought in 2015 “I’ve only seen the car twice in Germany in the last ten years – totally overpriced. We found him in Croatia and brought him with the trailer “

The fastest runabout

Teaser picture

Porsche 928 S.

Photo: Thomas Wieck

300 PS, 270 km / h, built in 1982, 115,000 km, 1400 kg, bought in 2017 “The car used to belong to a police officer from Luxembourg”

She is younger than her student Youngest trainer for buses and trucks

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