The “double vaccinated” soon to be considered “unvaccinated”? This is an indiscretion that appeared in “Le Canard Enchaîné” on October 13, 2021: after noting that the over 65s and others did not rush to the third dose – and in fact, many double vaccinated, young or not , confess not wanting to enter into this headlong rush … The Minister of Health seeks to force them by all means. Motivating his actions by a speech which is intended as always in appearance benevolent, Olivier Véran justifies this dose of reminder by the protection of the hospital system. It is, according to him, not to clutter the hospitals, “that the arrival of the flu risks to engulf”. The warning is always accompanied by threats of deprivation, the minister also suggested to “remove the benefits of the health pass to all those who have not had their third dose more than seven months after the second”. An idea which seems to have pleased the President of the Republic who would have declared “Work on this scenario”.

On October 14, on the antenna of Europe 1, it was the turn of Elisabeth Borne, Minister of Labor, Employment and Integration, to speak on the subject. If the booster is not yet required to maintain the precious sesame, the Minister justified this possibility by the sharp drop in immunity six months after the two injections: “When you are an elderly person vaccinated for more than six months , it’s really very important, we know that immunity drops sharply after six months, so we absolutely have to take this third dose ”.

Always ready to impose measures more detrimental to public freedoms, by instrumentalizing the protection of human life to this end, the Minister does not hesitate to declare “You know, we are here to protect the French against the virus”. Less than two months ago, fifty days before precisely, the Minister of Health was already talking about a third dose – during a press conference on August 26. However, he promised that this “would not have an impact on the sanitary pass”. But that was before… Little by little, the noose is tightening on all French people, vaccinated as well as non-vaccinated.

“Promises are binding only on those who believe them.” This sentence that we sometimes attribute to Jacques Chirac, sometimes to Charles Pasqua, sticks to this government of which we end up wondering if the soothing speeches are not there to hide real intentions of wanting to end individual freedoms.

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