The non-vaccinated, I really want to piss them off. “These remarks by Emmanuel Macron were not very much to the taste of Nils Passedat, mayor of Lavaurette, who wished, with two co-signing deputies, Danielle Vaucouleur and Gwendal Bedel, to make his opposition known by returning the portrait of the president to the prefect. normally displayed prominently at the town hall.

In a letter addressed to the representative of the State, the mayor of Lavaurette writes: “ Many citizens and myself are wondering about this new assumed turn of a policy that is no longer intended to be health, but discriminatory, and the means that your republican conscience will agree to implement to apply this new strategy. “.

The elected official does not hesitate to refer to the ” darkest hours in our history “, summoning Jean Moulin and Maurice Papon.

The portrait replaced by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Nils Passedat explains in detail the reasons for his decision in his missive: “ Since the election of the former Macron, our municipal council has always met under the gaze of the person who embodies the head of state. But today that citizens have been insulted by the very person who has the duty to serve them, we have decided to return his portrait to you, which you can advantageously recycle in the latrines of the Republic, to resume his register. This portrait will be replaced by the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of 1789 which, in its first article, affirms that all citizens are born and remain free and equal in rights. »

He also sent a copy of his letter to the mayors of the department, enjoining them to return to the prefect the portrait of the head of state.

Guest of Jean-Marc Morandini on CNEWS on January 12, the mayor of Lavaurette recalled that the head of state had affirmed during his election to be the president of all French people. However, he believes, insulting a part of the French, at the same time outrages the presidential function.

Moreover, he clarified that his decision was not made on a whim. Despite this gesture, he still claims to respect the function.

Bernard Pezous, president of the Association of Mayors of Tarn-et-Garonne (AMF 82) wished to remain cautious with regard to this decision by Nils Passedat. ” It’s a completely personal political decision on his part and I don’t know of any other cases. Whether or not everyone appreciates the terms used by Emmanuel Macron, I prefer to remain neutral. »

As the Dispatch reminds us, it must be borne in mind that the display in the town hall of the portrait of the President of the Republic conforms to a tradition and not to an obligation.

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